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What We Do

Shelter Home for Transgender

To safeguard the rights of Transgender persons and protect the interest of the community, we have started Garima Greh for the Transgender community in April 2021. Mitr Trust Garima Greh not only ensures that the community has access to a safe and secure environment, it also goes a long way in the empowerment of transgenderses.

The main aim of Garima Greh shelter home is to provide shelter to transgender persons with basic amenities like food, medical care and recreational facilities. Besides, it will provide support for the capacity-building/skill development of Transgender persons.

As a Community Based Organisation (CBO), we are the right organisation to run this shelter home because we ourselves as self-identifying community members have gone through the same situation once and we understand what all is important.

We ensure following:

Drop in Centre

Drop-in centres (also known as “safe spaces”) are premises that provide key population community members with a comfortable place to relax, rest, get information, receive programme services, and interact with each other and with HIV prevention, care and treatment programme staff. Drop in Centres (DICs) is to provide a platform for psycho-social support to MSM and Transgenders and provide information on linkages to services. Information and counselling on nutrition, adherence and legal issues may also be provided. This initiative is created with the objective of providing a safe space to the community members where they can drop in any time and be their true selves.


Community Outreach

Community outreach program is an important component for health education and Health screening services directly to community members. Such programs are consistent with the priority areas of Mitr Trust initiatives for reducing health disparities. Outreach programs are important tools for bringing health education and screening services directly to community members and serve to contribute to reducing health disparities. They assist communities and service provider to reach mutually beneficial goals that would otherwise not be achievable for promoting accessible and equitable care.

Distribution of Condoms & Lubricants

Free condoms and water based lubricants distribution reduces the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Condom distribution reduces the burden of disease in men who have sex with men and transgenders community.

Community Mobilisation

Community Mobilisation is about organising the MSM and Transgender community and all the resources available in the community to move them towards achieving a certain health programme goal.

Community mobilisation is an attempt to bring human resources and other resources together to undertake developmental activities with the goal of HIV prevention in order to achieve Zero new HIV infections

Support Group

Support group meeting is to increase awareness, address stigma and discrimination and empower MSMs and Transgenders to protect themselves, these support group meeting is for different group of individuals with their own agenda.

HIV Testing & Counselling

HIV testing is necessary both to facilitate access to treatment for patients with HIV and to permit appropriate risk-reduction counselling and other interventions (e.g condom use) for those who do not have HIV. Mitr implements quality HIV prevention programs for MSM ,Transgender and Hijra population in West Delhi. Mitr runs the program with the support of funders, donors, members and volunteers.


Referral is a facility-based and community-based system, and is most commonly understood as sending clients to seek care at higher level health care facilities, we have linkages with different facilities such as ART centres, TB DOT centres, agencies providing legal support, skill development organisations, educational institutes.  

Crisis Response Team

Community-led crisis response is a method of addressing and preventing the violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination that frequently affect populations most at risk. In Mitr crisis response system, trained teams of key populations (KPs) respond rapidly and in person to incidents of violence against other KPs. We provide hands-on practical and emotional support to resolve issues and work to ensure that the legal rights of the affected person are respected and his/her health needs are looked after.


We provide training to increase the capacity of Mitr team reaching for MSM and transgenders.

The training program are also for direct beneficiaries on

Vocational training & literacy

We provide vocational training and literacy program for the MSM and transgender population who are willing and interested and want to get jobs.

Behaviour Change Communication