Mitr Trust

About Us

Mitr TRUST is a community based organisation registered as a trust under the INDIAN TRUST ACT 1860 in January 2005, Mitr as first LGBTQIA+ Community based organization in Delhi works With the vision of empowering all LGBTQIA+ person irrespective of class, caste, creed, race so they can live their lives with Dignity, Respect and Equity. Mitr Trust is running HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and care program with 2500 + community members since year 2008 and have started Shelter home program for Transgender person in year 2021.


We work toward creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for LGBTQIA+ persons. Our mission is to provide services for LGBTQIA+ based on their needs, primarily focusing on issues of:

A] The protection and promotion of their human rights and human dignity.
B] Their freedom from discrimination, stigma, and violence.
C] Their civil, political, social, and constitutional rights as equal citizens of India.
D] Their right to a healthy life and freedom from opportunistic infections and diseases.


To develop a space where all LGBTQIA+ person can live with dignity, social justice and well-being. Equality for all.



To provide Transgender person safe space and reduce the risks of all kinds of mental, physical and social atrocities.